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About Us

A Family Operation

Cerreta Candy Company is a family owned business founded over 40 years ago by Jim Cerreta, Sr. Jim learned the art of candy production in his father-in-law’s factory in Canton, Ohio. He then passed the skill on to his family where currently three of Jim’s sons are actively involved in all aspect of the candy business.

Jim Jr. was in charge of the caramel operation where he made a variety of flavors of caramel, fudge, brittle's, Camelback's and caramel popcorn.

Joe Cerreta oversees production of the cream centered chocolates, where he combines modern methods with old fashion candy making techniques to develop our popular chocolate covered creams such as butter, maple, fudge or peppermint. Joe also works closely with the City of Glendale Office of Tourism in developing promotional materials and events.

Jerry Cerreta is the chocolate man. He covers the caramels and cream centers made by his brothers with the robust chocolate that makes Cerreta’s chocolate so distinct. Jerry and his son Tony work together in the chocolate production area to specialize in molded chocolates such as our famous French Mint. This family collaboration represents Cerreta’s fourth generation of candy makers.

Jonathan oversees accounting and sales to the grocery, wholesale, and retail areas. 
Mail-order and online web operations as well as promotional events are also managed by Jonathan.

Jim’s youngest daughter Jennifer oversees production of custom chocolate bars and is involved in customer service relations as well as promotional materials and events.

Joe’s wife Marisa is our factory tour director and gives daily tours to the public where her wonderful chocolate enthusiasm is contagious!

Marisa & Joe’s sons worked in the factory in the summer. 

It’s this deep family involvement and their time honored authentic handmade production methods which ensure the highest possible quality and homemade taste of every piece of Cerreta candy.